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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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apparent murder suicide. thanks for staying with us, the news edge begins where police are trying to figure out why frank heyward would attack his own family. police were called to candle light court in owings. when they arrived, they were too late to save everyone, but his 12-year-old son. laura evans joins us with more. >> how could this happen? how could a father kill his wife and two-year-old daughter before attempting to kill his 12-year-old son? police say that is what played out in owings, maryland, today. it was just before 8:30 this morning when officials responded to a home no fair view neighborhood. sheriff mike evan says a police response team was given the go ahead to enter the home. it was a terrible sight inside. the house was on fire at the time. police believe 32-year-old frank heyward killed his 31- year-old wife, cindy, and their two-year-old daughter, natalie. 12-year-old frank heyward, iii, was alive with cuts on his neck and his body was burned.
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>> it's horrible. i have seen a few in my s.w.a.t. team days and these are the worst case scenarios. there was nothing else we could have done. we were very fortunate to save frank heyward, iii. >> tonight we understand the 12-year-old is in critical condition and being treated at children's hospital. autopsies are being done on the other family members trying to figure out an exact cause of death. police are also investigating a possible motive. a neighbor says the couple was having marital troubles. >> laura evans tonight. prince georges county police want anybody out there to help them find out who unleashed a fury on a cashier. this is surveillance video. the suspect wanted to exchange something when the clerk wouldn't do it, the suspect kicked in the cashier's door. assaulted him, took what he wanted, stormed out. if you know that call, call prince georges county police. a woman is recovering from a gun shot wound. police say some women were
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fighting. a man who knew one of the women started firing shots. one woman hit in the leg. officers found the gun, but the gunman is on the loose tonight. the edge on the district now and the vote on whether to outlaw abortion in d.c. after 20 weeks of pregnancy. that legislation was under assault by women's groups and d.c. leaders. in the end, didn't pass. karen gray houston in the newsroom with details. >> planned parenthood and pro- choice america lobbied hard against this bill, threatening to score it, so constituents would know how their lawmakers voted. they failed to capture the 2/3 majority. opponents argued to no avail, using graphic props details late term abortion procedure, calling them ghastly. and saying unborn children can feel pain in the 20th week of pregnancy. opponents, including eleanor
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holmes norton argue the bill was part of a campaign to overturn current abortion law. they also accuse lawmakers outside of washington of bullying the district because they could. in the end, it was a defeat for the bill's author. a republican from arizona, a state that has already passed similar legislation. >> it is a human rights violation and victimized potentially millions of pain capable babies since the spar gave us all abortion on demand. and mr. speaker, i would plead to vote frtsdz bill. >> we would bring used and abused as cover for a bill that really targeted row versus wade, coming as a reproductive choice for women all over this country. >> that was eleanor in studio
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about an hour ago. the vote proves this is sill a pro join america. >> another big story, a group of president obama's core supporters are now coming out against him. a coalition of pastors are turning on the president. the reason, his support of gay marriage. john roberts has the story. >> in washington today, the president got an earful over his change of heart. >> he has not done a smart thing and may cost him the election. >> a coalition of black pastors urging the president to rethink his possession or rethink. >> mr. president, i'm not going to stand with you. there are thousands of others that are not going to stand here. >> both boon and burden showered him with accolades and millions of campaign cash. >> he was doing what we elect
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presidents to do. the moral leadership of standing up for the full protection and dignity of every american under the constitution. >> but it's a position that may hurt him. an important swing states like north carolina, which recently voted 61% to ban same-sex marriage. >> key democratic constituents. i think you're you're going to see a lack of support. >> for mitt romney, the challenge is to convince conservatives he won't change his mind. while governor of massachusetts, he flirted with the idea of civil unions, insists he is against same-sex marriage and equivalence. he signed the national organization for marriage pledge, which commits romney to support a federal amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. >> some people want to say no, he wasn't strong on the issue. he stood up for a state constitutional amendment. he fought so the people could vote. >> while democrats are pushing
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full steam ahead, republican opposition is more muted. >> there are many strategists inside the beltway that want to run to this issue. >> which ironically, may leave the split and the democratic party. in atlanta, john roberts, fox 5 news. tomorrow, millions of women across the nation will have more access to medical services under the new healthcare law. women will be able to get basic preventative care, including breast exams, prenatal care, hpv testing and domestic violence counseling. kathleen says women will no longer have to decide between their medical needs and providing for their families. >> being a woman will no longer be a preexisting condition. now for long, insurance companies stacked the deck
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against women. forcing us to pay more for coverage that didn't met her needs. a new day for women's health h's arrived. >> welm will be able to see preventative sources. as well as those covered under medicare or medicare. the tax on the u.s. has significantly dropped. more than 10,000 tourist attacks happened worldwide. that's down 12%. nearly 29% from 2007. the death of osama bin laden crippled one of the groups. al-qaeda must be watched. >> al-qaeda, the idea are e involving. understanding the strengths and weaknesses, our continuing critical challenges for us.
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>> south asia continues to experience the most attacks.a virginia man pled guilty. he admitted he put money in a cheap grand cherokee. the whole thing was a sting operation. he faces up to 20 years in prison. all cheer in boston tonight after a scare in the air. he was diverted to logan. two fighter escorted the blind to the ground. safety. the item was a camera. the cameraing is inspected. much of india in the largest blackout. plus, can't wait for a new 5-5. >> i-5.
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>> especially across central virginia. i'll let you know where that is headed. i'll have details in the forecast. >> and check out the win done. we're back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a monster power outage has
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620 million people in india in the dark today. it was officially the world's biggest blackout. the second huge outage in two days. yesterday, 370 million people were without power for much of the day. today less than five hours. the problem is that the nation's states take more power than they rleally allowed and causes too much strain on the grid. not everybody buys that. >> a story being repeated. nobody to give an explanation. >> the man in charge of the nation's power system says the staff is searching for the cause. he is asking for patience. a minor earthquake hit virginia this morning in the same area rocked by last august's 5.8 quake. the survey says today's tremor hit around 12:43 this morning. no one hurt, no damage reported. an easy way to reduce
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stress. apple foons are marking their calendars for the new iphone. >> fans don't have long to wait. the "new york times" is reporting the iphone 5 will debut on october 12. faster data speeds and a bigger battery. the most recent version of the iphone debuts last october. the price of the family home is up in may. although economists warn spring and summer are traditionally strong by months and these games need to continue into the rest of the year. number three, consumer confidence up on the rise. the consumer confidence index was 65.9. it's still well below 90. consumer spending drives 70% of u.s. economy activity. number two, rates of major
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development. a major depressive episode in the past year and girls had triple the risks compared to boys. and number one, are you stressed out? smile. sigh chiists put anxiety. those who wore any kind of small had less stress. their findings show forcing a smile may make it a bit easier to take. and that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. brian. >> president obama granted a reqers for federal assistance after last month's huge storm. mayor vincent gray requested at aid. hundreds of thousands of people in the district lost power, down trees, plus city shelters. had to open because of the exstream heat. oddly enough, they appear around this time all the year. who is to blame?
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a prankster. >> we had aliens attack us. >> they had to be fairly young in my estimation because it's a long ways out. >> the crop circles don't cause that much damage, just more of an inconvenience. got severe storms. i know our family woke up to one this morning. >> we had a few warnings we had today. they are still on the side. so we have a few more tomorrow. gear up for that. tomorrow orphan, not everyone, you could have lain, light thing, and loud thunder and perhaps some hail. let's look live. we saw this earlier tonight on our tower camera. can you see the camera? showing up around 7:30.
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some of us sent us your pictures when rain is ahead of you and sunshine is behind you. pretty sight today inbetween the storms that we had a. bully washer that came through the district at 3:30. here's what is left on radar tonight. we have weakening showers. continuing to move east at 10. nice to celt the dust. it's not a lot of rain. it's heavyever down to ourset. let's go over to essential radar. what we are seeing with more downpours. wind gusting to horns. that is going to move here across southern maryland. we'll keep them in the forecast and they are stronger down here through central virginia. we'll keep an eye of what is going on and the heavier cluster has moved up.
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but some heavier showers into frederick and maybe eventually into carol county. last stop, a check check of the lightning system. the lightning weekenning, but showing up down to our south. not so much up to our north. we're going to give this a couple more hours and this winds down. so that's we saw for the next few hours. remnant showers may get across the district line later. >> now, our high temperature was 90 degrees. there's beep no break in the middle part of the country. it occasionally gets back to 103. 107 for little rock and 103 degrees in wichita. a lot l bit of that gets here, but close, nice. it's going to stay humid
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overnight. we may drop into the 70s. look for fog to form again later as well. scattered showers and storms and a mix of clouds. it will yield some afternoon stories with a temperature of 89 degrees. quick look at your monoer. 87 at 9:00. here's your five-day forecast, warming up to 94. typical summertime dog day affair. that's it for redskins training camp. >> this is the verison sports desk with dave ross. >> hi, i'm lindsey murphy. day five of camp is in the books. fullback will win two. mike shanahan does not think it's serious.
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jamal brown had his mri today. did dave ross sabotage me, by the way? taking a big hit less than a week into training camp. jamal brown has a lingering hip issue. corey underwent a minor sewer on his knee. he is out until the season opener. the redskins brought in jordan plaque, number 60, luring him to the pool. >> to be honest, ifect expecting a phone call. a lot of me is new and i could play. i'm thrilled to become a normal person again, i'm a little under weight right now, but i can put the weight back on. >> somebody feed him. the redskins secondary gent went to makeover this season.
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along with josh wilson. the safety position full of new faces. free agents, ma due wilson, they will compete. the ron landry left. here's d. hall on the dbacks. >> we have a secondary full of misfits, you know, we have guys that nobody else wanted in this league. i think brother or sister don or coyed somebody ranked this. you know we laughed at sam of the stuff. >> i think he is energized. i think it's fun for him to sigh see improvement on the football team. i think as a veteran, he sees that. >> stay with us, coming up, not a great night for the nats.
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the mlb trade deadline has come and gone. the nationals remain the same. and chew on this, last year the nationals trailed the phillies by 17 games. today the nats lead the phillies. at least heading into tonight's matchup. stephen strasburg getting the start. both were out be sore backs. the phils have a runner in scoring position and strasburg
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delivers, so does kevin. he delivers. a two-run home run. phillies in front. bottom three, now nats down 3- 2. with the bases loaded and moore grounds out to frandsen at third. top of the 4th at 4-0. jimmie rollins adds insult to injury. bryce harper going at the fence. he leaps, he would take a tumble. one run comes in to score. rollins, he is going to score on the inside the park home run. giving up six home runs. here's the skipper on strasburg's rough night. >> he is fighting himself, just you know, just young pitcher. lost his little voice. part of growing up. >> the orioles against the yankees. second inning, it's 5-3 and
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chris davis barrels up. he launches one into deep left center. gives baltimore the lead for good. the birds score 11 unanswered runs. dominate 11-5. >> marty fish serving on the left side of the screen, facing germany. the second highest ranked america dropped the first set 6- 4, but the 30-year-old took the final two steps. he advances to the round of 16. that's all for sports. the news edge will be right back. >> the verison lge sports desk. brought to you by verison. rent. add a smartphone like the samsung galaxy siii, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text.
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for most parents, eight would be enough. they adopted their 17th child. after two biological kids, they couldn't have anymore, so they started fostering. they realize boys are the hardest to place, so they opened their home and create add space for a real band of brothers. >> i know little details about each one of them, you know, and where their struggles are and when they need the most attention. >> have a change in their life entirely. >> they go through 48 rolls of toilet paper, 25 boxes of cereal and 8 to 10-gallons of
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milk. they say it's so worth it. fox 5 news isn't over, go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news, on air and online. brought to you by verison.


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